Art Administration Interns and Volunteers

Glass Axis - Columbus, OH Posted: 5/29/2013 - Part-time - Apply Before: 5/31/2018


What Interns and Volunteers do
Depending on the volunteer’s interests and our needs, an Art Administration volunteer will focus on the day-to-day management of our galleries, classes, and daily operations.  Assignments may include:

  • Maintaining, cleaning, and merchandising reception area, exhibition gallery and gift shop
  • Curating exhibits under the supervision of the Executive Director
  • Overseeing gallery inventory and tracking sales and commissions
  • Updating class schedules and other printed materials
  • Preparing and distributing class paperwork and finished classwork
  • Assisting in scheduling classes and class instructors
  • Data entry, filing, photocopying, and maintaining office supplies

Glass Axis volunteers are expected to have a willingness to learn, project a positive image of our organization, and create a welcoming environment for our many visitors. All volunteers are responsible for basic customer service duties, gallery reception and monitoring, gift shop point-of-sale, and promotion of our classes and events.

Internships range from 8 to 15 weeks and may be repeated. Hours are flexible (usually 4 to 12 hours arranged over 1 to 2 days), and depend on assignments, but interested applicants need to be available to work during regular facility hours:  TWF 930am-230pm, Thurs 930am-7pm, and Sat 11am-4pm; a set weekly schedule is required.  School credit requirements may determine the number of hours per week.

What you’ll gain
Glass Axis internships and volunteer positions encourage transformative growth, expand worldviews, offer hands-on practical experiences in the arts, and develop career skills as part of the Glass Axis Out of the Box Workforce Training Program. All internships are available for course credit as required by academic institutions. Positions are unpaid but offer additional benefits to course credit, including:  being a part of the wonderful Glass Axis team, professional skill development and work training, letters of recommendation, and one free hour of class time or equipment rental for every 10 volunteer hours worked.

Minimum Requirements:

Who we seek
We seek a team-minded volunteer who wants to sharpen his or her skills and take on new challenges.  Volunteers should possess strong organizational skills and attention to detail, experience with Microsoft Office, and experience with or a desire to learn about social media and online marketing.  Ideally, an Art Administration volunteer should also have experience handling artwork or working in a gallery, retail or customer service setting.  All Glass Axis team members are expected to work well independently, take initiative, and take direction. Volunteers should be passionate about fostering the arts in our community.

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